Changing the Time on Your Phone

This step-by-step video gives you step-by-step instructions on changing the time on a Polycom phone.

1. Select the Menu button.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Advanced Settings.

4. When prompted, enter “4, 5, 6” as the password and select Enter.

5. Select Admin Settings.

6. Select Network Configuration and scroll down to the SNTP Address.

7. Enter in the URL as and select OK.

8. Navigate to the GMT Offset field to set to the correct GMT base on the following list:

  • Eastern Time Zone: -5
  • Central Time Zone: -6
  • Mountain Time Zone: -7
  • Pacific Time Zone: -8

9. Select OK.

10. Select the Back or Exit button until prompted to Save Configuration.

11. Select Save Configuration.

The time should now be updated. If it is not, reboot your phone and call SimpleSignal Support at 303-242-8616 (Option 1).

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