User Guide: Web-Based Video Conferencing (Windows)

Instructions for PC/Windows

  1. In your web browser, type the web address:“”.
  2. If you know your meeting ID#, enter it following the web address as shown,“” where xxxx is your video meeting ID#.  This will take you directly to your video conference.AxisGuide1
  3. You may see this or something similar in other browsers, i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox.  This site can be trusted to deliver the content that you have entrusted it to do.  Please click on “Proceed anyway” or you may need to add the SSL certificate.AxisGuide2
  4. At the sign in screen, type your email address.  Click “Sign in”.AxisGuide3
  5. On the Welcome screen, enter your meeting ID# (Meeting ID will not be required if you already entered it in the Browser address bar as explained in Step 1).  For added security, you may, optionally, add a passcode if provided by the host.
  6. Click “Join Meeting”.AxisGuide5
  7. If you are a first time user, the next screen will ask how you choose to join the meeting. You can join by PC, Room System, or by Phone. Joining via Room System, or by Phone is out of scope for this document.
  8. If you choose by PC, the screen will prompt you to download the RealPresence CloudAXIS plug-in.   Click “download.”AxisGuide6
  9. The download for CloudAXIS plug-in appears at the bottom left of the screen.  Click the installer titled CloudAXIS.msi.AxisGuide7
  10. Accept the terms of the License Agreement by clicking in the check box.  Click “install.”AxisGuide8
  11. Once the installer is complete, click “Finish.”AxisGuide10
  12. CloudAXIS will ask your permission to run.  You want to click on “Always run on this site.”AxisGuide14
  13. For security reasons, Windows Firewall will block some features and prompt you to allow access to them.  Please click on “Allow access.”AxisGuide11
  14. Make sure that your camera and audio are working correctly (you should see your camera image like in the screenshot below) then click “Join” to start your meeting.AxisGuide12
  15. You have now joined your conference.


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