Adding an Auto Attendant

The auto attendant receptionist answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers. This post gives a step by step process for setting up your auto attendant.


1. Under the Services menu, select Auto Attendant.

2. Click ADD to begin building a new Auto Attendant.


Building an Auto Attendant

3. Populate the following fields under Auto Attendant Add section:

  • Auto Attendant ID (must be unique)
  • Name
  • Calling Line ID First & Last Name (Use a period “.” for each)
  • Time Zone
  • Business Hours Schedule
  • Holiday Schedule


4. Click OK.


5. Build out the call flow for Business Hours per the desired specifications.

  • Key column: These are the numerical options callers will be prompted to press.
  • Description column: This is the internal description for each key
  • Action column: The “action” the call will take (see next page for Action descriptions)
  • Phone Number column: This is the phone number or extension the caller will be directed to when pressing the specified key e.g. Caller presses “2” and is sent to Support at Ext: 4321


6. Click OK.

Action Descriptions

Action Descriptions:

  • Transfer with Prompt: Caller will hear the name of the person they are being transferred to (as recorded by that user via their phone)
  • Transfer without prompt: Call will simply here ringing after selecting the option
  • Transfer to operator: Caller will hear, “Please wait, while you call is being transferred to the operator.”
  • Name dialing: Caller will be prompted to enter the name of the party they are trying to reach and have the option to transfer their call to that person
  • Extension dialing: Caller will be prompted to dial the extension of the party that are trying to reach


7. Build out the call flow for After Hours per the desired specifications

  • The After Hours menu is identical to the Business Hours call flow that you created previously. All columns and functions are the same.
  • NOTE: Entering “*55” in front of an extension in the Phone Number column will automatically send the caller to the voicemail of the extension associated with that key


8. Click OK.

Assigning Addresses

9. Under the Auto Attendant profile section, select “Addresses”


10. Select the Phone Number drop down and assign the Auto Attendant a number.

  • NOTE: You can also assign the Auto Attendant an extension in the “Extension” field


11. Click OK.

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